During these uncertain times, wedding stress is most certainly at its height.

Today, I’ve contacted all my couples due to get married in the next two months, letting them know – if I have anything to do with it, their ceremony is still on!

Sure, it may be different from the large-scale event they had planned, but I’ll personally make sure they will still get married.

And how am I going to do that? We’re going to be smart. For a wedding to happen, all we need is the loved-up couple, two people who agree they should be married, and me! FIVE people! That’s certainly not a large gathering. And, as of the time of writing this blog, you can keep most of your guests, too, unless they’ve just flown in from overseas or showing any COVID-19 symptoms. If so, I’m sorry, but they’ll just have to Facetime in. But, we’ll still say a live HELLO to them to make them feel like they’re still part of the ceremony!

Another smart thing we’re going to do is practice “social distancing”. No more hugging and kissing the guests for me! And my sanitiser bottle is going to come in very handy when it comes to signing the paperwork!

Having said all this, “more guidelines” from government ministers “will follow for smaller events, such as weddings”, but just know that if I have to get you married through a car window, one-metre apart, we will get you married through a car window!

For anymore questions on this topic surrounding coronavirus and getting married, just flick me a message! Your wedding must go on!