Backstage Podcast is hosted by Kineta Knight Booker whose passion for the arts (and the people who work in it), is much like Lachy Wiggle’s love of sleeping (or if you’re an old school Wiggle fan – Jeff’s penchant for drifting off to dreamland). And, having worked in entertainment herself, she has a large list of people to have a coffee with – so why not turn that chat into a podcast!

The great thing about Backstage is it’s not a normal interview. First of all, it’s about 30 minutes long, rather than the quick five minutes you’d get on radio. And we don’t just talk about what they’re up to – we talk about them. There’s no surface scratching here!

Kineta’s first ever guest is Kiwi born/NYC trained/London based, professional composer, lyricist and conductor Luke Di Somma. Fresh from conducting the CSO’s Mad Men and Dangerous Women, and with his play That Bloody Woman just announced as being part of The Court Theatre’s 2016/2017 season, we took a moment out of his busyness to have a chat about the arts.

Backstage Podcast is easy to download. On your iPhone just press the purple ‘podcasts’ app and search for Backstage Podcast NZ; you can download Podbean on your android (Backstage Podcast NZ); or iTunes Backstage Podcast NZ.