Interesting times, huh! But let’s make the most of a bad situation during the international COVID-19 pandemic by having a Plan B for your up-coming wedding.
Weddings can be high-risk events, as seen in the Bluff Wedding Cluster last year.  So, it’s no wonder the New Zealand Government has set stricter conditions for Alert Level 2 around weddings and events throughout the country following the Delta outbreak in Auckland.
What this means for you and your wedding. First, you can still get married! And that’s the most important thing. It’s just about the two of you, after all. But when it comes to celebrating with friends and family, here are the rules:
– maximum of 50 people for indoor weddings (as far as we’re aware, this includes all onsite event staff, celebrant, photographer etc)
– maximum of 100 people for outdoor weddings (as above)
– the 2-metre rule is in place for people you don’t know
– a 1-metre distance should be kept from people you do know
– set chairs/tables apart so this distance can be maintained
– if food is served, it must be served to the table – not a buffet/grazing table etc
– no sharing utensils or plates
– wear a facemask if you’re unable to maintain physical distancing inside
– scan in, wash your hands, sanitise, etc etc
Just remember, the Government hasn’t created these rules to ruin your life – they have created them to save lives. And I’m all for that! Think of this as your Plan B. Read the full Level 2 rules HERE.
No one has any idea how long L2 will last for, so even if you’re getting married in a few months from now – please have a Plan B up your sleeves.
If you’re looking for someone to help you plan your way through this, I’d love to recommend Moira from I Do For You, Kate from Collective Concepts and Lisa from The Event Boutique. Each of these awesome planners will be able to guide you with more ideas.
And, if you’re thinking – ‘let’s elope now and party later’ – I can help you with that!
As always, just flick me a message if you’d like to know more,