Elope away with us

‘Elope Away’ is Christchurch and North Canterbury’s most popular elopement package choice. We’re fun, original, affordable, and so easy to work with!

Elope away with your greatest love, embracing your freedom of choice: marrying where you want, when you want, and with the handful of guests you want!

Not only do you get me as your elopement celebrant, but I work with a range of talented elopement photographers, to ensure there’s always someone available for your beautifully relaxed, stress-free elopement.


Throw away the rule book of organising a big, traditional wedding by choosing to elope!

We LOVE elopements because we LOVE FUN!! The idea of whisking a couple away with their nearest and dearest fills our hearts with so much joy!

Here are some reasons people choose to elope: because it’s an utterly authentic, ‘just us’ experience; intimacy and intention; less family drama (someone had to say it – ha!); valuing experiences over stuff; far less stress and anxiety; less planning; and life is meant to be an adventure – so why not elope away for the love of fun! And each other!

All you need to do is:

  • set a date
  • pick a spot to elope away to
  • organise a couple of witnesses (who also love fun)
  • choose something to wear
  • apply for your marriage licence

And we’ll take care of the rest!


  • choose an Elopement – up to 10 guests, or an ElopeMAX – up to 20 guests
  • personalised ceremony (Kineta will help you write your vows)
  • elopement certificate with your witnesses signatures on it
  • photos during ceremony
  • up to 1 hour of photos onsite (this includes the ceremony)
  • a sneak-peek of images within two business days of your elopement
  • full online gallery with free downloads of your elopement images

Price: Elopement $1299* or ElopeMAX $1699* (+GST where applicable)


Elope with us anywhere with a view, beautiful atmosphere, or somewhere that means something to you.

Here are some cool locations to consider, but inevitably the choice is yours:

  • Pines Beach Forest
  • Waimakariri River
  • Ashley River
  • Ashley Forest
  • Waikuku River Mouth
  • Matawai Park, Rangiora
  • Darfield Forest
  • Bottle Lake Forest
  • Actually, any forest makes for awesome pics!
  • Halswell Quarry
  • Godley Head
  • Sign of the Bellbird

Some things to consider when choosing a location:

  • is it private enough? Will the public walk through your ceremony?
  • what’s the light like? If the area is too exposed to the elements (sunlight/sea) then you may not get the best photos
  • is it sheltered enough? If it’s too windy your guests won’t be able to hear the ceremony
  • do you need to book your location with the council?
  • what is your wet-weather back-up option?


We’ve also got some beautiful elopement packages that might suit you too!


Kineta Booker Celebrant

Andrea Kewish Photography
Andrea Kewish Photography
Krystle Photography
Krystle Photography
Christchurch Elopements
Chaznel Steenkamp Photography
Robin + Andie
Kirsten Smart Photography


  • $1299 (+GST if applicable) is our elopement package starting price for your celebrant and one photographer. An ElopeMAX (for up to 20 guests) is $1699 (+GST if applicable). Depending on where you decide to elope to, mileage may be charged on top of that at the current IRD rate.
  • If you’re booking two photographers for your elopement (ie. Robin + Andie) – who can also be your two witnesses, the package price is $1799 (+GST if applicable). This booking is for up to 90 minutes with R+A. (Mileage may also be charged on top of this.)
  • GST will be added by any vendor who is not GST exempt.
  • The price does not include your official marriage licence/certificate.
  • If you just want a celebrant, Kineta is still available to officiate elopements.
  • There is a $300 non-refundable deposit to book your elopement with us.
  • There’s a four-week turnaround for receiving your online gallery of images.
  • Please do not bring seating (unless someone requires a seat), as you will need to book the space and it ultimately becomes an organised wedding, rather than a care-free, relaxed elopement.
  • Some public spaces – such as gardens and parks, may require consent from the local council. It’s generally fine for elopements – as it’s certainly not a big ceremony and there’s just a handful of us onsite, but there are places you can not get married – such as the Rose Garden at Mona Vale and other spaces. It is your responsibility to check out this page.