Elope away with us

Elope away with your greatest love, embracing your freedom of choice: marrying where you want, when you want, and with the handful of guests you want!

I work with two talented photographers, to ensure there’s always someone available for your beautifully relaxed, stress-free elopement.

Andrea Kewish Photography

Photographer Andrea Kewish and I have been working together on elopements and micro weddings throughout Christchurch and North Canterbury for five years. I call her my favourite little pocket rocket but she thinks it’s super inappropriate, and I’m still trying to figure out why… She’s got a cheeky little grin and quick wit to match! What’s not to LOVE!

Mel’s Moments

In mid-2022 Andrea will be taking maternity leave, and I’ve teamed up with the ever-so-clever Mel Fletcher from Mel’s Moments. Like a talent magnet, I made sure I found out who this awesome photographer was as soon as her images started to appear on the NZ wedding scene. How lucky we are to have her!

Will + Chloe. Married by Kineta Booker. Image Mel’s Moments.


Throw away the rule book of organising a big, traditional wedding by choosing to elope!

We LOVE elopements because we LOVE FUN!! The idea of whisking a couple away with their nearest and dearest fills our hearts with so much joy!

Here are some reasons people choose to elope: because it’s an utterly authentic, ‘just us’ experience; intimacy and intention; less family drama (someone had to say it – ha!); valuing experiences over stuff; far less stress and anxiety; less planning; and life is meant to be an adventure – so why not elope away for the love of fun! And each other!

All you need to do is:

  • set a date
  • pick a spot to elope away to
  • organise a couple of witnesses (who also love fun)
  • choose something to wear
  • apply for your marriage licence

And we’ll take care of the rest!

Cassie + Blake. Married by Kineta Booker. Image Andrea Kewish.


  • maximum of 10 adult guests (anymore and it becomes a Boutique Wedding)
  • personalised ceremony (Kineta will help you write your vows)
  • elopement certificate with your witnesses signatures on it
  • photos during ceremony
  • up to 1 hour of photos onsite (this includes the ceremony)
  • an online gallery of your elopement images

Price: $950*

Gareth + Tomomi. Married by Kineta Booker.
Image Andrea Kewish.


Elope with us anywhere with a view, beautiful atmosphere, or somewhere that means something to you.

Here are some cool locations to consider, but inevitably the choice is yours:

  • Pines Beach Forest
  • Waimakariri River
  • Ashley River
  • Ashley Forest
  • Waikuku
  • Waikuku River Mouth
  • Matawai Park, Rangiora
  • Darfield Forest
  • Bottle Lake Forest
  • Actually, any forest makes for awesome pics!
  • Halswell Quarry
  • Mona Vale
  • Hagley Park
  • Godley Heads

Some things to consider when choosing a location:

  • is it private enough? Will the public walk through your ceremony?
  • What’s the light like? If the area is too exposed to the elements (sunlight/sea) then you may not get the best photos
  • Is it sheltered enough? If it’s too windy your guests won’t be able to hear the ceremony


Kineta Booker Celebrant

Mel’s Moments Photos

Andrea Kewish Photography


  • the price does not include your official marriage licence/certificate
  • there’s a four-week turnaround for receiving your online gallery of images
  • mileage included if within 20km of celebrantโ€™s office
  • if you just want a celebrant, Kineta is still available to officiate elopements
  • there is a $200 non-refundable deposit to book your elopement with us
  • please do not bring seating (unless someone requires a seat), as you will need to book the space and it ultimately becomes an organised Boutique Wedding, rather than an elopement