So, you’re wanting a straight-forward wedding ceremony at your home or a local spot, with set vows, set script and no add-ons?

As an authorised VCANZ Registry Celebrant, I can do this for you.

All you need to do is organise two witnesses and your marriage licence ($150), and it will cost just $90 to have me as your celebrant. It couldn’t be more simple.

Registry Ceremonies are available Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) during school hours, with a small handful of guests.


Before booking a Registry Ceremony, have a think about whether it’s really a Registry you’re wanting rather than a Personalised Ceremony.

A Registry Ceremony is not personalised, so making the arrangements should be SIMPLE. In a nutshell: set script, set vows, no frills. Simple!

◾ You (the couple) don’t meet the celebrant prior to the ceremony. You can expect to communicate with your celebrant by email or phone to confirm the date, time, venue, script, inclusion of ring exchange and payment method. This should be the extent of your contact. Anything more – opt for a Personalised Ceremony.

◾ A registry ceremony is a simple, civil, legal ceremony with a fixed standard script and set vows.

◾ Maximum of 20 guests including the celebrant and two witnesses, although some celebrants or venues may limit the number of guests to even less.

◾ Registry ceremonies cannot be booked in advance of the three-month licence period. If you (the couple) wish to do this, you need to book a Personalised Ceremony.


◾ you’d like a photographer or videographer? Nope, sorry. They weren’t allowed at the Registry Office or courthouse. You’ll have to opt for a Personalised Ceremony.

◾ you’d like music? Sorry, again, not allowed at a Registry. Please choose Personalised Ceremony.

◾ you’d like to decorate the area with wedding decor? This option is only for a Personalised Ceremony.

◾ you want to book a wedding venue? Go ahead and book – but only for Personalised Ceremonies.

◾ you want the celebrant to travel further than 10-15 minutes for the ceremony? Opt for a Personalised Ceremony.

If you’re in doubt, book a Personalised Ceremony. Pretty simple, really.


You will need to apply for your marriage licence at least three business days prior to the day you intend to get married, but no more than three months before.

To book me:
– Go to
– Click on the Begin new application “Next” button
– Click on “Registry ceremony”
– Click on “Next” button
– Enter a date within the next three months
– Start typing “Christchurch” and select it
– Scroll down and you’ll see “Kineta Booker”
– Click my name and go from there!


Vows: as well as the official script, these are set out for you.

Witnesses: you need to organise two witnesses. Both witnesses, as well as the two people getting married, must bring ID.

Paperwork: we will fill this out immediately following the ceremony.

What happens after the ceremony? Once the paperwork is completed, I will lodge your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Wanting to organise a marriage certificate? Easy! There are three ways: you can order it at the same time as your licence; or once your marriage is registered you can order one online using RealMe; or you can order over the phone. Find out more HERE. Your certificate will be sent to you within 10 days of your marriage being lodged with BDM.

Choosing your venue: If you haven’t chosen where you’d like to get married, here are some local options for you to consider:

  • Kaiapoi Band Rotunda, Trousselot Park, Charles Street, Kaiapoi
  • Scott Rose Garden, Trousselot Park, Charles Street, Kaiapoi (next to rotunda)
  • Kaiapoi Lakes and Wildlife Reserve, Williams Street, Kaiapoi (Lake Hutchinson – corner of Williams Street and Old North Road, Kaiapoi)
  • Kaiapoi Domain (meet at the Dale Street, Kaiapoi, entrance)

Here’s a great info sheet from the Celebrants Association of New Zealand: