Things to consider for your elopement:

Destination: where are you hoping to get married? Somewhere with a view? Under a great big oak?

Vows: will you write these from scratch? Do you need some inspiration? Perhaps a mixture of both! I’ve got some ideas to help you out, and I can also help each person, individually, write these, too – to keep it a surprise from each other.

Witnesses: have a think about who you’d like as your two witnesses. They can be any two people who agree that you should be married. They can be children – as long as they know what marriage means, and agree that you get married; they can also be overseas guests.

Paperwork: when it comes to the signing of the register, please use your maiden name, not your new married name.

Now for the really important stuff!

Things to do, things to know, things to think about:

Marriage Licence: apply for your licence online HERE. This needs to be done no more than three months before your wedding date, and no less than three days before. A marriage licence costs $150. This will then be emailed to you. You’re welcome to then forward the email to me, and I will print it out for you.

What happens straight after the ceremony? I will finalise your paperwork, hand it to you (or one of your witnesses), and leave you to enjoy the rest of your day!

Wanting to organise a marriage certificate? Easy! There are three ways: you can order it at the same time as your licence (it will be sent once I’ve lodged your marriage); or once your marriage is registered you can order one online using RealMe; or you can order over the phone. Find out more HERE.