Ensure social distancing with strangers.

Even though we got through COVID-19 Lockdown 1.0 back in March-May, with my couples either making a snap decision to get married the day of the announcement or postponing to another date, covid uncertainty still remains.

Currently, while we’re back at in Alert Level 2 (2.0), there are restrictions for gatherings. The biggest one being that only 100 people can be onsite at any one time. So, for couples who have more than 80 guests, they will still need to think: how many others are onsite, too? Think – catering staff, venue operators, celebrant, photographer, the band etc. The extras can add up quickly.

Added to this, your guests will also have to sign-in through the contact tracing app, just like any shop you currently visit; keep hands sanitised; and if your guests can’t maintain physical distancing with people they don’t know, they should consider wearing a mask.

And, it goes without saying, if anyone is sick, they must not attend your celebration.

So, what’s the good news?

Great question!

The biggest query I’ve had recently is, if the couple have to postpone their wedding, due to COVID-19, can they use their current deposit to secure me as their celebrant for a later date? Of course! You’re stuck with me – ha!

And, will the price increase? No! What I quoted you, and what is on your invoice, will always stay the same. Unless, of course, you decide to get married at a different location, and the mileage changes. But we can work through that.

We are living during very strange times, and we just need to ride this horrid wave together.

What are some alternatives?

Elopement with Mr & Mrs Davies. Image: Andrea Kewish Photography.

So, covid has come along and ruined your dreams of a big wedding, with many friends and family travelling from all over the world to celebrate with you.

I’ve always said that being married is better than getting married, so here are some alternative ideas to ensure you still get hitched!

With any of these options, you can get married as soon as your marriage licence comes through, and then celebrate with friends and family in a big celebration as soon as travel and other restrictions have been lifted.

Some of my couples are opting for registry or elopement ceremonies now, and then in 2021/22 or later, still having a big fun (faux) wedding – officiated by me, too.

So, there is still hope in all of this mud. Let’s work on the best plan for you together.